April 8

One Breath at a Time



I went down to my knees in middle of yesterday. let my heavy heart to meet my muddy mind. with the dirt under my fingernails gently reconnecting with the earth - “ stay grounded, stay anchored in the breath... “ Only after the clock stroke midday - my little boy with his belly full of nourishing soup I fed our bodies for lunch ... him napping under a majestic oak tree ?. I was gifted the luxury of a quiet moment in solitude, a rare pause to be fully present with me and myself, with the feelings of reconnecting to all that had ever knocked me down - to remember all that is in me at this point of my journey to lift myself up, dust myself off... savoring one breath at a time... slowly circled by the stillness of tall redwood trees I nourished my Spirit. as I stared at the wind combing the heavy tree branches - i was grateful for a shelter embraced by tall trees, for now, to call home - I chose to meet with that grief I have been silently swallowing- look into those connection cords with my loved ones, the ones across the Ocean and people I have never met tapping on my shoulder from afar as I am having a hard time to separate from their suffering... It was about time - choosing to dance with those feelings of hopelessness, worry.sadness... barefoot crashing the fresh still misty grass, turning around and around...head spinning... breathing heavily to the point of stillness anchored into the Earth - I closed my eyes, shedding it ALL - one compassionate breath at a time.... one breath at a time... breathing heavily.anchoring in me.... i closed my eyes tight to find the beam of HOPE that can be only imagined before it is being felt in darkness... one breath at a time... one precious breath at a time...

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