April 8

Nubia Teixeira – Yoga and the Art of Mudras Book

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On this International Women’s Day ! Stand strong and firm on your own power! Call upon the feminine force. In this pose ~ Mandala Paada (Odissi)or Utkata Konasana (Yoga) place the upside down triangle Trikona Mudra ( Bhakti Nova) by your navel area ?and focus on your inner fire. Stand strong in the medial place between the inner and the outer, the seeing and the unseeing, the body and the spirit and call upon the blessings of deep visions, revelations and manifestation. Her Divine Powers awakened in our human bodies. Jai Ma!!!!
For more inspiration on how to embellish your yoga as a with Mudras pre-order “Yoga and the Art of Mudras” ?? author Nubia Teixeira: Bhakti Nova School of Yoga & Dance ☝?photography @artfilmstudios ??publisher

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